Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crayon sharpeners!

My friend Carolyn teaches kindergarten and she told me about these gems! They are pencil sharpeners, but for some reason, they sharpen crayons really well. With the paper on. If you’ve ever taught primary grades, you know that those poor babies wear their crayons down within the first week of school. It’s hard to color anything with a flat crayon! I’ve tried lots of crayon sharpeners- even bought an electric one by Elmer’s (rip) and I spent most of my time using this little scraper tool to get the jammed up wax out of the wretched thing.  These are uh-ma-zing! She found them in the school supply aisle at Target (not the seasonal school supply section, just the regular one). I think they are $1.68 or something close. You just put the crayon in the biggest hole and be amazed by the sharpness! :) When you are a teacher, it’s all about the little things…


Cyndy said...

Whoa! You don't have to peel the paper???? Heavenly! I feel bad when I tell the kids to color neater and then I see their crayons. If my Target has these, I'm grabbing 10!!! Thanks for sharing!
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