Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Classroom design

The more I read the greats, (Daily CAFE, Teaching With Intention, Pinterest) it has become clear to me that my classroom design needs some tweaking. I've always had the four standard rectangle tables, one kidney table (that doubled as my teacher hovel desk, and then all sorts of other furniture treasures I've acquired along the way. At the end of last year, my principal asked me lots of questions (she could tell I wasn't thrilled with my room arrangement) and encouraged me to think outside the first grade box and work on an arrangement that suited my personality and teaching style. I do lots and lots of one-on-one conferencing, a tiny bit of small group instruction, and whole-group mini-lessons. 

There are not a lot of times when every kiddo in my room needs to sit at a table at the same time, so I'm really thinking of following the advice of the 2 Sisters and getting rid of some furniture. I'm a little nervous about it, but when you are in a room of 22 little ones, you really need an open space that flows well. What are your thoughts on seating?