Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh Voki, You're so Fine, You're so Fine You Blow My Mind...

Our campus technologist taught us about Voki at a staff meeting once, but it wasn't one of those things I had a lot of time to play with, so I never used it. I just read a blog post by Ash over at Teaching Happily Ever After and she reminded me about Voki. This is a fun way to create a little avatar that you can program to say things and then imbed the html into a project. I added one to my classroom blog for my kiddos that introduces me, and I'm adding one to this blog so you can see what it's like.

They have all kinds of backgrounds, people, holiday options, etc. It would be so cute to have Santa read the sight words for the week or for you to introduce yourself this way on the first day of school! You could even have an animal introduce the vocabulary for the week. I love the fancy options (haven't tried them all yet) where you can call and actually record  your own voice, or upload your own picture for the background!

First graders will go crazy for this!

How else have you used Voki in your room?


Christie said...

This looks really cool! You're right the kiddos would LOVE it! Gonna give it a try! I really like your zebra print blog background-I'm using lots of it this year in my classroom!

Christie :)
First Grade Fever