Friday, July 8, 2016

School's First Day of School

Looking for a fun new read aloud for the first day of school? Check out this cutie by Adam Rex. The story is told from the perspective of the actual school building...his floors are getting waxed and buffed, he's not sure about meeting the children, and he has a charming relationship with the school janitor. School overhears a big kid saying he doesn't like school, and his feelings get hurt, but then he witnesses a shy, upset kindergartner change throughout the story and get excited about coming back the next day. 

In First Day Jitters fashion, this book tells the story of back-to-school nerves from a perspective other than a child, with the clear goal of helping students identify with a character without admitting their own nerves. This is a must-add to your first-day read aloud cue! 

If you like School's First Day of School as much as I do, check out my resource pack for some fun ideas to use after reading the book to your new class.

I have a few more back-to-school read aloud ideas coming up soon...What are some of your favorites?



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