Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher

I’m participating in Teacher Week at Blog Hoppin’. We’re supposed to be introducing ourselves today; telling everyone a little more about who we are. I don’t have a picture of myself- I left my camera at school, but here are some facts about me!

*This is my 14th year teaching. I taught first grade for a year, a multi-age 1st/2nd class for three years (with my best friend), third grade for three years, and I’ve been back in first for the last six. Last year, the day before meet the teacher night, I took on a Kinder/1st multi-age class because our numbers were crazy low in 1st and high in kinder. Um, wow…I sure learned a lot! It was fun, but I’m definitely glad to be back teaching just one grade level!

*I have a handyman husband and two kiddos: my son is 7 and my daughter is 4. They have definitely changed who I am as a teacher. My son is in GT, and my daughter is in speech under the special ed umbrella, so I have an interesting take on going through those experiences as a mom and not just a teacher. (An ARD will always feel tough to a mother.)

*I cannot stand to eat seafood. No shrimp, fish, crab, nothing that has ever lived in water. Guh-ross…

*I am a children’s book hoarder. I will take money out of my grocery budget if a new book comes out that I need. I mean, want. Whatever.

*I’m kind of nerdy- I read a lot of professional books about teaching philosophy. My best friend “gets” me and is always up for a scholarly discussion. Over chips and salsa.

*I’ve only been blogging since this summer. July, I think. I was trying to look up how to set up a blog for the kids in my class and I found The First Grade Parade. I was shocked people would share their super ideas! I’ve been hooked ever since! I am so excited to start this year and try out all the fun things I learned blogging and Pinterest stalking!

*Cheetos are awesome.

*I drink way too much coffee.


*I love Jesus.

I think that’s it! Welcome to my blog!